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Global Alliance Logistics is a trusted freight forwarder based in Singapore, with a strong global network spanning over 120 countries. Since our establishment in 2013, we have gained extensive industry knowledge and expertise to seamlessly transport goods worldwide, earning the trust of a diverse portfolio of clients.


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Kate Wang 

MD, Global Alliance Logistics Pte Ltd 


At Global Alliance Logistics, we're dedicated to fostering a mindset of continuous improvement, ensuring we're always on an upward trajectory. Our commitment is further reflected in our efforts to reinvent the customer experience with customized logistical solutions bolstered by operational excellence.

We prioritize a people-centered approach, continuously refining our systems and processes. This dedication is complemented by our efforts to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with our overseas agents, expanding our global reach and network.


To forge a strong tripartite alliance between Global Alliance, clients and partners and work towards delivering effective integrated logistics solutions.



Our success is rooted in our people. We foster a positive, open-minded, and close-knit culture that empowers our team with inspiration, trust, and knowledge. This drives innovation, pride, and unparalleled business success.


We communicate effectively to create positive experiences. We support clients through any challenge or uncertainty, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to their success in an ever-evolving supply chain.


Our team of industry experts is driven by passion for exceptional service. We continually optimize our operational excellence to provide a seamless and innovative experience for our clients and partners at every step of the supply chain.

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