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Electrifying Logistics: GAL's Sea and Air Freight for an Electric Car Exhibition

Updated on 14/12/2022

Electric Car delivery via Sea and Air Freight

In the vibrant, fast-paced month of November 2022, a momentous milestone was recorded in the archives of Global Alliance Logistics Pte Ltd (GAL), adding another feather to its cap. The assignment was no small feat - the task at hand was to manage the sea and air freight for two state-of-the-art electric cars being imported into the pulsating city of Singapore. These innovative vehicles were not just any cargo; they were ambassadors of a greener, more sustainable future, set to star in a dazzling exhibition.

The journey of the vehicles began miles away from the glittering skyline of Singapore, at the manufacturing plant where their production took place. They were carefully prepared for their journey, meticulously packed, and then loaded onto a cargo plane for an air freight journey that spanned oceans and continents. It was GAL's expert team that oversaw this process, ensuring the safe and secure transport of these precious vehicles.

Once the two electric cars touched down in Singapore, the GAL team took over in earnest. Upon arrival at our dedicated premise, the cars were carefully uncrated - a process that required not just skill, but also an in-depth understanding of the vehicles themselves. Each part was meticulously checked and rechecked, each detail thoroughly inspected. This task was of paramount importance as the integrity of the exhibition depended on the flawless condition of these vehicles.

An engineer, equipped with a wide array of tools and backed by a deep knowledge of the intricacies of electric vehicles, was then assigned to install the batteries. The installation of the battery - the heart of an electric car - is a delicate process that requires precision and expertise. Once this critical step was completed, comprehensive tests and inspections were carried out to ensure that every component was functioning perfectly. GAL, with its commitment to excellence, left no stone unturned to make sure everything was in order.

The fully assembled and inspected cars were then transported to the exhibition destination - a journey carried out with utmost precision. Every single move was planned down to the minutest detail, and each step was executed by our dedicated staff members who have a keen understanding of the importance of their role. The cars were maneuvered into their precise locations, ready for the show.

After a successful exhibition, where the cars were admired by visitors and industry experts alike, it was time for the vehicles to make their return journey. True to its promise of providing end-to-end logistics solutions, GAL swung into action again. The cars were carefully transferred back to the GAL warehouse, where the process of preparing them for export began.

The next leg of the journey was via sea freight. To ensure their safety during the maritime journey, both cars were packed into a single, secure 40-foot container. This packing was carried out by GAL's experienced team, who understand the unique challenges posed by sea travel. Every potential issue was anticipated and addressed, resulting in a packing job that would ensure the safe transport of the vehicles.

Finally, the packed container was loaded onto a cargo ship, marking the beginning of the last leg of the vehicles' journey. As the ship sailed away from Singapore, bound for the country of origin of the electric cars, it left behind a successful project, and a proud team at GAL. Every stage of the journey had been carried out flawlessly, adding yet another successful project to GAL's ever-growing portfolio. From start to finish, GAL had once again demonstrated its capabilities in managing complex logistics challenges, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the field of sea and air freight.

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