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GAL Ensures Quality: Detailing Our Recent Perishable Cargo Survey

Updated on 30/11/2021

Inspection on Perishables

In the realm of freight forwarding, quality and care take precedence, especially when it involves the shipment of perishable cargo. Last November, a unique challenge arose that put Global Alliance Logistics (GAL) to the test, and we emerged stronger, staying true to our commitment—delivering goods in perfect order without compromise.

Our tale begins in the lush orchards of New Zealand, where a batch of fresh, juicy apples was awaiting transport. These apples, a symbol of health and vitality, were destined to reach Malaysia's shores, courtesy of GAL. We loaded the precious cargo into a 40’ reefer container, designed specifically to maintain the apples' crispness and freshness over the long journey.

The voyage was initially uneventful. The ship cruised on, our container nestled securely within its hull, and the apples within the reefer were kept at optimal conditions, ensuring they reached the market as fresh as they had been on the day of their harvest.

Then, unforeseen circumstances hit. A fault emerged in our reefer container, and it was damaged at sea. The incident could have spelled disaster for our shipment, but we at GAL know better than to let adversity define the outcome.

Cargo containing apples from New Zealand

In situations like these, a proactive approach is critical. Once we got wind of the situation, we immediately sprung into action. Our plan was clear – upon reaching Malaysia, the cargo would be unloaded for an in-depth inspection to ascertain the condition of our consignment.

Apples from the Cargo that are inspected

In order to uphold our unwavering commitment to quality, we enlisted the expertise of seasoned surveyors and food professionals to conduct the inspection. They examined each apple meticulously, ensuring they were in good shape and had not been adversely affected by the container's fault.

The results of the inspection were promising. Despite the initial setback, our experts gave the green light, confirming that the quality of our cargo had not been compromised. The fresh New Zealand apples, a testament to our resilience and proactive response, were ready to be delivered to our esteemed clients.

Inspection on perishables

Reflecting on this experience, we couldn't be prouder of the actions taken by our team. Their swift response, expertise, and adherence to protocol were instrumental in turning a potential crisis into a success story.

At GAL, we strive not only to meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that all goods shipped by us arrive in pristine condition. We believe that it is this dedication to quality and our drive to always deliver on our promise that sets us apart in the fast-paced world of freight forwarding.

As we move forward, we want our clients to know that we're not just a logistics company—we're a committed partner in their journey. Be it a batch of fresh New Zealand apples or any other cargo, we at Global Alliance Logistics are ever ready to face any challenge that comes our way, always ensuring your goods reach their destination without compromise.

To our clients, we would like to say—keep your faith in GAL. As we navigate the vast seas and airways, rest assured that your cargo is in the safest hands. Your trust fuels our commitment to providing top-notch services, and we are grateful for your continued support. Remember, when you choose GAL, you're choosing quality, care, and dedication. And that's a choice we promise you'll never regret.

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