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Showcasing GAL's Overlength Flat Rack Achievement: Smooth Sailing from Denmark to Singapore

Updated on 12/04/2022

Overlength Flat Rack Cargo

The freight forwarding industry is a complex landscape, shaped by countless shipments of varied sizes, origins, and destinations. Among these, overlength cargo presents a unique set of challenges – challenges that GAL is more than equipped to handle. Our recent successful transportation of an overlength cargo from Denmark to Singapore stands as a testament to our ability and expertise.

The freight in question was a classic example of "overlength flat rack" cargo. A flat rack container, for those uninitiated, is a container with sides only at the short end of the space. This design makes it ideal for carrying overlength items that wouldn't normally fit in a standard container. However, transporting such cargo requires extensive planning, coordination, and precision – all areas in which GAL excels.

To kick off the process, our seasoned staff carried out a meticulous assessment of the cargo, taking into account its size, weight, and the unique handling requirements that come with its overlength dimensions. Our team leveraged decades of experience in the logistics industry to formulate a comprehensive, custom-tailored strategy, ensuring that the cargo would travel the 6,339 miles from Denmark to Singapore with absolute safety and efficiency.

Next came the task of selecting the perfect flat rack container for the job. Drawing on our expansive network of equipment providers, we identified a 40’ flat rack container that would accommodate the overlength cargo flawlessly. Once the container was selected and the cargo safely loaded, it was time for the journey to begin.

Despite the inherent complexity of shipping such unusual cargo, the process ran smoothly under GAL’s watchful eyes. Each stage of the transit, from loading to unloading, was managed by our expert team to guarantee a seamless operation. In every port of call along the route, our local partners were ready to step in and ensure that the transfer process was handled with the utmost care.

As the cargo arrived in Singapore, we didn't just breathe a sigh of relief - we celebrated another successful delivery. Not only did the overlength cargo reach its destination intact and on time, but it also showcased GAL’s ability to manage and execute complex logistic operations with precision and professionalism.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our experienced team members. From the very start to the final delivery, our staff managed the job with the competence and care that GAL is known for, offering a smooth and hassle-free experience for all involved.

What does this successful delivery mean for you, our valued client? It’s simple. When you entrust GAL with your freight – no matter how big or small, standard or odd-sized – you're partnering with a logistics provider that not only promises results but consistently delivers on those promises. We handle every shipment with an unwavering commitment to success, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination without any hiccups.

The world of freight forwarding is fraught with challenges. But at GAL, we don’t just rise to these challenges – we thrive on them. Each new job presents an opportunity to demonstrate our skills, innovate solutions, and strengthen our reputation as a reliable freight forwarder.

We invite you to experience the GAL difference. Whether it’s an overlength flat rack cargo or any other type of shipment, our team stands ready to deliver a smooth, hassle-free experience. Contact us today to discuss your specific logistics needs and see first-hand how GAL's successful approach to freight forwarding can work for you.

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